Protecting water

We protect groundwater – a valuable resource and the biggest source of drinking water in Czechia.

Groundwater is in danger; therefore we should prepare for increasingly long periods of drought. Climate change clearly shows that there is no time to waste and if we ignore the urgency of this matter, our planet cannot be sustained.


BMH demonstrates that the latest in cutting-edge technology can be a good servant, as well as protecting the most valuable resources. We specialise in efficient and environmentally friendly trenchless pipework refurbishment. Using the technologies of our choice, we protect groundwater from sewage seepage, maintaining a barrier between wastewater and drinking water and preventing the loss of drinking water from pipework.

Specialists for 30 years

We are a Czech business with a head office in Olomouc and 30 years of experience. We always design the best process solution for the trenchless refurbishment of sewer and water pipe systems. Trenchless technologies allow for highly efficient methods of restoring sewers and water pipes, offering an excellent solution that outperforms standard methods using excavation in many ways.

Innovation and in-house manufacturing

We are the Czech Republic’s best-equipped business in terms of process technology. For instance, we are the only company to manufacture our own fabric sleeves which are the cornerstone of our INSAK process. Our long-serving employees are true experts in their field, and their experience combined with the latest technologies allows us to always suggest the correct technology solution. Where others quit, we keep on working.

Comprehensive services

We can facilitate all the engineering required for the project. Further to an agreement with the client, we arrange the requisite decisions, statements, and approvals from relevant authorities and organisations. We will provide everything necessary, from temporary traffic signage to permits for land occupation and special use of roads to utility surveys.

Our services

How do we work?

30 years of experience guarantees efficient solutions. We implement a detailed and time-tested working method that you can rely on.

  • Tužka a papír

    We survey the location carefully and describe its condition objectively.

  • Nastavení

    We propose a tailored solution aligned with the specificities of the job.

  • Kalendář

    We schedule a realistic deadline for completion.

  • Stopky

    We operate all over the Czech Republic and charge competitive prices.

  • Ochrana

    Our clients know we are 100% reliable.

  • Lokace

    We operate all over the Czech Republic and charge competitive prices.