The pros and cons of pressure cleaning pipes

Do you need a sewer cleaned? Is pressure cleaning the best choice?

Pressure pipe cleaning: what are its benefits and when is it the best method to use?

Soiled or blocked sewers are a fairly common occurrence. Several methods exist for increasing the flow rate and eliminating obstacles. Pressure cleaning is one of them, but not the preferred choice in every case. Read this article to find out when the method is desirable and what its pros and cons are.

What is the pressure pipe cleaning process?

Pressure cleaning is a method used frequently in areas with no risk of flooding from wastewater once the system is pressurised.

The essential element is the cleaning head affixed onto the pressurised hose. It is fitted with ceramic nozzles from which water jets emanate. The water exits the nozzles at such velocity that the cleaning head with the hose is drawn forward (by the water stream that hits the pipe wall), usually against the wastewater stream. The head acts a little like a propelling rocket in the pipeline.

The exchangeable nozzles with openings drilled at specific angles serve different purposes. Examples include rotary nozzles, spear nozzles, nozzles with a cutting jet emanating from the front, mud nozzles, rotary vibrating nozzles, and high-pressure jet nozzles.

Pressure and vacuum take care of pipe cleaning

During pressure cleaning, impurities are removed not just by water, but also by a vacuum (suction) employed to remove sediments from manholes. Clogging such as silt, mud and rocks is extracted along with water. The pressure pump is capable of developing pressure up to 200 bar.

The pros and cons of pressure cleaning

Pros of pipe pressure cleaning

Pipe pressure cleaning thoroughly removes all impurities, leaving the sewer free of sediments and thus with a higher flow rate. The process is suitable for almost all sewer pipe diameters equal to or larger than DN 50 mm. Pressure cleaning utilises a range of jet nozzles that handle different types of impurities.

Cons of pipe pressure cleaning Pressure cleaning cannot be used everywhere. For example, it cannot be used in areas where flooding would be a problem. Larger areas to be cleaned require trips to top up water or using a truck with a recycling system installed. In addition, it is not suitable for small diameter pipes.